Cut From The Same Cloth

Now and then I cross paths with a mom who’s got it goin’ on in the kitchen, or at the park, as it were (it’s my home away from home).

The mom in this episode approached the swings with her tot while I pushed mine, looking fabulous in black, from top to bottom, but it was her boots that stood out to me, as any killer incarnation of wedged footwear is eternally on my radar, with their sculpted shape and contrasting leather finishes.

The boots are by Camper, of Spain, and the mom, Michelle Saber, is the west coast rep for the company. This gal was representin’ even off-the-clock!

I snapped a quick shot of her gams with my friend’s camera phone as we espoused the virtues of black fashion and then headed back to my son as she prepared to leave the park.

Not a minute passed when she flagged me from the curb to meet her at her car, where she shared another of her black finds.

But first, the sight of her black BMW drove the overarching point home; this woman is as black to the core (read fashion core) as I am!

Upon opening the door, she withdrew a black leather Prada handbag that’s got to be one of Miuccia’s pet creations; classic Prada, commanding understated and fashion forward design and palpable top-notch craftsmanship.

I wondered what other treasures Michelle would unveil next but the show-and-tell wrapped as we exchanged numbers. I can’t wait to see what she’s packin’ when we meet again!

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